Ready to have summer back

From summer camps to travel agents, a busy summer is in store.
Published: May. 2, 2021 at 10:55 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Many of us are itching for summer, unlike the last one.

People are already booking holidays and finding ways to give kids a little less screen time.

“We’re getting two or three calls a day on summer camp,” said Neil Beisel, a coach with Wichita’s Best Summer Camp. “I’ve already talked to about five or six people this afternoon on summer camp, and it’s Sunday.”

Neil Beisel, the master instructor at Empower Martial Arts, has a busy summer in store for kids with Wichita’s Best Summer Camp.

He said, “Martial arts classes, dance classes, tumbling classes, lots of sports activities. We’ve got a reading club. We’ve got legos and in-house field trips coming.”

Beisel said a lot of the interest from parents and caregivers, so kids don’t see a repeat of last year.

“Been cooped up for a while last year. Most of the parents I’ve talked to last year said their kids did absolutely nothing but stay home, and they want their kids to be active,” said Beisel. “People that are calling us, and they just want their kids to be active. They want them doing something cause they didn’t get the opportunity last year, so we’re providing that opportunity this year. We’re providing that opportunity.”

It’s not just about physical development but social and emotional as well.

“We’ve heard a lot of stories about the mental effects of being home and not being in school with their friends and being able to socialize,” he said.

While Beisel is busy preparing that summer for kids, Jay Dill is working with clients to plan a summer get-away from home.

“There’s pent-up demand. A lot of people got their trips canceled last year. They didn’t get to go. So everybody is ready to go. We spent a year in our house so people are ready for some fresh air and a beach and just to be able to go out and feel like normal again,” said Jay Dill, co-owner of The Travel Junkie. “On top of that, the availability of vaccines and the amount of people that are vaccinated that are more comfortable traveling, that may not have been before. There’s stimulus checks that came and really helped people.”

Dill said for the last eight weeks, the travel agency has been taking a lot of calls.

Places stateside remain popular destinations along with Hawaii and Mexico, but more destinations are opening back up like the Dominican Republic. Dill said with that demand, it’s best to start planning early if you want to take a vacation this year or even next.

“There’s multiple things going on in different destinations. There’s rental car shortages. There’s testing. The earlier you can get in, the better.” Dill said, “The more favorable your pricing is, the more flexibility you have.”

Dill added, one way a travel agent can help is to know what type of COVID-19 measures are in place where you want to go and what’s required.

“It’s really helpful to get some advice because there is so many, some destinations you need testing to go, all international you need it to come back,” said Dill.

Biesel said that Wichita’s Best Summer Class would also have COVID-19 measures in place, including temperature checks and intensive cleaning.

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