Multiple roads, including K-99 in Lyon Co. partially reopened after high waters recede

Many Lyon County roads are starting to reopen Monday after being closed over the weekend due to...
Many Lyon County roads are starting to reopen Monday after being closed over the weekend due to flooding.(WIBW)
Updated: May. 17, 2021 at 10:27 AM CDT
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LYON CO., Kan. (WIBW) - Many Lyon County roads are starting to reopen Monday after being closed over the weekend due to flooding.

As of 12:30 p.m. Monday, K-99 between Roads 180 and 240 has reopened to one lane of traffic.

Heavy weekend rains closed several roads in Lyon county.

The National Weather Service says the flood warning remains in effect near Emporia until Tuesday afternoon.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office says the majority of the flooding receded by this afternoon, but certain areas were impacted.

“For the most part most rural roads as far as long river banks are shut down and barricaded just because of the flooding,” Deputy Brandon Early with Lyon County Sheriff’s Office said.

Four to five inches of rain fell on most areas of Lyon County over the weekend. It caused several road closures including k-99 North of Emporia.

“With all the downfall of rain that we’ve had it’s definitely caused the water to rise in our rivers. A lot of times the deputies we’ll drive around the county, any flooded road that we’ll see, we’ll contact our county highway department, and they come out barricade the roads for us,” Deputy Early explained. “Any time a citizen sees a road that should be barricaded, we like them to call us and will go check it, and then we’ll have a barricade it from there.”

Barricades were placed from K-99 between roads 180 and 240.

Deputy Early says some people still haven’t learned the certain areas flood more than others.

“So this gentleman here was on his way home. He lives just about a half-mile down the road and he was driving in the rain, and he couldn’t really see the lines on the road he said,” Deputy Early said. From there he basically went off hydroplaned and went off into the side in the ditch.”

“Several feet, I would imagine. I mean I know just this earlier the guy told me that he was waist-deep and couldn’t get into his car so it has gone down quite a bit,” he added.

The Kansas Department of Transportation kept a close eye over the weekend.

“Last night, they did have a vehicle go off on the roadway. They had to do a water rescue on it. The water was only about 2 feet deep and they were able to get him out,” Deputy Early said. “They didn’t really have to deploy a boat or anything but they use water rescue just to be safe.”

Deputy Brandon Early says drivers need to be cautious, “you always want to use your headlights if you got your windshield wipers on, that is state law.”

“Anytime you think that there is water across the roadway, it’s always safe to turn around and don’t drown. That’s a common phrase that we like to use. Anytime you think or I guess you suspect that there might be flooding down the road, and you can’t really see very well, it’s probably best just to turn around and avoid it and try to find a better route,” he added.

K-99 North has reopened to one lane.

The Lyon County Emergency says barricades are removed from Lockerman road and Merrick tower but do remain up on other roads near Emporia.

Other road closures as of Monday morning include:

  • 1900 block of Road M
  • 2500 block of Road N
  • 2500 block of Road P
  • 1100 block of Road 190
  • 500 block of Road 240
  • Road 150 between K and Highway 99
  • West of Road 150 and P

According to KVOE, Lyon Co. most portions of Lyon Co. received between 4-5 inches of rain over the weekend.

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