Andover residents on alert after neighborhood ducks killed

People who live in the area say they have cared for the ducks, feeding them and giving them shelter to lay eggs. Now, they're upset.
Published: Jun. 22, 2022 at 7:25 PM CDT
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ANDOVER, Kan. (KWCH) - An Andover neighborhood is on high alert after residents say someone has been killing ducks in their pond. They said it happened twice in the past few weeks near 159th Street and Kellogg.

People in the neighborhood are understandably upset. One woman who spoke with Eyewitness News said when both incidents happened, she was on her back patio, mere feet from the pond at which someone shot.

Others who live on the street said some really care for the ducks, feeding them and giving them shelter to lay eggs.

Nicoletta Newman said she’s always considered the Cottonwood Point neighborhood safe, until a few weeks ago.

“It was a very loud shotgun,” she recalled hearing.

She said she and a few neighbors watched someone drive up 159th Street in a gray minivan, shoot one of the ducks in their pond, get out of the van, pick the animal up and drive away.

Minutes later, Newman said she heard more shots in another neighborhood across Kellogg. Tuesday, she said the same people in the gray minivan killed another duck in their pond. And just like the first time, multiple neighbors witnessed what happened.

“The same truck went by and they [ran]over a duck we had here on the lake. They then ran off and picked up the duck and took off,” Newman said.

She said the ducks in her neighborhood are domesticated, brought to the area from another pond that dried up. And like the people who live there, she said the ducks are part of the neighborhood. But her main concern is the safety of her children who play feet from where the animals were killed.

“It was very scary because it was so close to us,” she said. “I’m glad it was so early in the morning and not later because the kids would be here doing gymnastics or playing.”

Now, more alert and on edge, Newman hopes the people who killed the ducks don’t come back.

“I don’t feel safe,” she said.

Andover police said neighbors reported both incidents and officers are aware. But without identifying details, like a license plate number on the van, it’s difficult to pin down potential suspects.

If police do identify a suspect, they could face state and federal charges for killing the ducks. The department of wildlife and parks would handle those.

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