DA releases new details on 2022 shooting at Wichita mall

Wichita police respond to a shooting at Towne East Square mall (March 18, 2022).
Wichita police respond to a shooting at Towne East Square mall (March 18, 2022).(KWCH)
Published: Apr. 8, 2023 at 1:59 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - The Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office has released new details on last year’s deadly shooting at Towne East Square.

The shooting, which happened March 18, 2022, involved a group of teens fighting inside the mall. A 14-year-old boy was killed. The different accounts provide varying perspectives on what actually happened that day. You can read them below.

Trenjavious Hutton: the victim

Te’Bryis Robinson: the shooter

Trenjavious’ brother: participated in the fight that led to the shooting

Gooni: a friend of the shooter who participated in the fight

Details from WPD on the incident

14-year-old Trenjavious Hutton was found by police officers outside the Foot Locker in Towne East around 5:30 p.m. on March 18. He had been shot in the chest. He was pronounced dead at 5:53 p.m.

Police began searching the area for the shooter. Two officers found two teenagers — 16-year-old Te’Bryis Robinson and his 17-year-old friend identified as “Gooni” — walking under the bridge at Kellogg and Armour. Turning on their sirens, additional police units drove toward the teens as the two officers got out of their car and approached them.

One of the officers waved his arms to get Robinson’s attention, and Robinson immediately put his arms up and got on his knees.

After patting Robinson down, the officers found a Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol in his pocket. He also had a thirty round magazine.

As Robinson was taken to a patrol car, he became teary-eyed and vomited on his shoes.

A witness’s account of what happened

The witness was at the mall when he saw several teenagers fighting. People were watching and videotaping the fight.

The witness tried to break the fight up, and pulled one teen off the ground. The teen ran away. Two other teens were on the ground fighting, and Hutton threw a punch at one of them.

At that point, Robinson allegedly walked up and fired his gun at Hutton.

The witness saw the muzzle flash. Then he ran for cover into the Foot Locker.

After the shooting stopped, the affiant left the Foot Locker and saw Hutton on the ground. He and other people nearby came over to help him. That’s when the witness noticed a small grey gun — identified by investigators as a 9mm Taurus handgun — on the platform of a kiddie ride nearby.

The witness asked a nearby security guard — who looked “completely lost,” the affiant said — to grab the gun. The security guard didn’t do anything, so the affiant grabbed the gun. It didn’t have a magazine in it, but did have a round in the chamber, which the affiant unloaded.

The witness gave the round to the security guard, then put the gun back down on the kiddie ride’s platform.

A 16-year-old boy approached the witness and told him that Hutton was his brother. Then he passed out.

The witness stayed with Hutton’s brother until he regained consciousness. Once he woke up, he became upset. The witness tried to console him.

At that point, police arrived.

The brother of the victim’s account of what happened

Police learned from Trenjavious Hutton’s brother that he and Hutton had arrived at the mall and saw three teens with their hoods up “mean-mugging” them.

One of the teens punched Hutton, so the brother punched another one of the teens.

Then everyone began fighting.

The brother said that as he was on top of one of the teens, he felt a gun in his pants or hoodie pocket. He fought the teen — identified as “Gooni” — for the gun and got it from him. The brother then hid the gun on the kiddie ride.

The brother said that at one point he was hit in the head and kicked in his stomach, making him start to lose consciousness.

Then he heard a gunshot.

He looked over, and saw his brother on the ground. He went to check on Hutton, and saw that his eyes were wide open. He knew he was dead.

A friend of the shooter’s account of what happened

One of Robinson’s friends identified as “Gooni” said he and Robinson — the shooter — came to the mall to hang out with some friends.

Gooni said two black teens “jumped” one of the teens in the group. A fight broke out, and at some point he and Hutton’s brother fought. They both fell to the ground, and a gun was dropped, the friend said. Gooni said he didn’t know where the gun came from.

Then the gunshots began, and the fight ended. Gooni ran for cover.

Gooni told police that his earring had been ripped out during the fight. He had an injured right ear and a busted bottom lip.

The shooter’s account of what happened

Robinson said after he and his friends arrived at the mall, Hutton rushed Gooni. They began to fight.

Then Hutton’s brother rushed another of Robinson’s friends, Robinson said.

Robinson jumped into the fight. He got hit in the head, and his first instinct was to pull out his gun, Robinson said. He aimed the gun at Hutton and fired three times at him.

Robinson later said that Hutton hit him in the head with the butt of a gun.

After the shooting, he and Gooni left the mall. Shortly after, Robinson was arrested.