Parking changes at Century II not a fan favorite during busy week

This week, Century I parking looks different.
Published: Jun. 8, 2023 at 8:24 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - With Riverfest continuing through Saturday and performances of the Broadway smash hit, “Hamilton” happening at Century II, issues concerning some differences in pricing for parking at Century II and how you pay take center stage.

In March, Century II got rid of the meters and switched to digital payments for parking. The City of Wichita still owns the parking lot, but a company called ASM Global manages it. Due to Riverfest and “Hamilton” overlapping through Saturday, prices increased this week.

For Kalisha Roberts, an afternoon of celebration in downtown Wichita quickly turned into an afternoon of frustration.

“It’s my daughter’s birthday. She’s 22, and we have a little grandbaby. She’s about a month old,” Roberts said.

Parking at Century II, she said it didn’t take long for problems to arise.

“After I paid, I used the QR code and it stated it was only going to be until 1:59 p.m.,” Roberts said.

This didn’t give her much time. Celebrating with her daughter and baby granddaughter, she wanted to park for more than a couple hours.

“Now we have to get back in and go find another spot to pay which is going to cost more money or further distance,” Roberts said.

This week, Century I parking looks different. Normally, you’d pay $5 for the entire day to park in the venue’s lot. Now, parking is $10 until 2 p.m. and $20 after that.

“Part of that is paying for car park to enforce the lots and make sure that everything is maintaining a level of safety,” said Emily Larkin with ASM Global. “So, you can go in and watch “Hamilton” (and) rest assured that your vehicle will be fine.”

That increased price for parking, however, isn’t a fan favorite.

All payments for Century II parking are through the ParkMobile app. There’s a phone number to call and make a payment for those who don’t have the app.