Broom corn towers over garden in Pratt

Published: Sep. 25, 2018 at 4:42 PM CDT
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A Pratt man is recognized for something unique in his curbside garden. The tall spectacle is the broom corn, towering over his property at more than 12 feet tall.

Kenny Fobes says he wanted to experiment with something different in his garden this year. So, for the first time, he planted broom corn. The agronomist says he did not expect the crop to reach these heights.

"We saw some seed in Orschelns (Orscheln Farm & Home) and we decided to plant this just out of curiosity and also (to) build this screen here for our pumpkin patch," Fobes said standing next to the broom corn towers Tuesday. "So you really couldn't see from the road anyway. It turned out to be a lot taller. This is probably old-school genetics."

As the name of the crop indicates, broom corn is commonly used to make broom, often for fall decorations. Fobes says that's exactly what he and his wife plan to do.