Kansas farmers expecting rain during wheat harvest

Published: Jun. 16, 2018 at 9:18 PM CDT
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Wheat harvest is in full swing but there is rain on the way that could impact farmers cutting.

The Zimmerman family says rain makes grain and there hasn't been much of it this season. Wheat harvest is nothing new for Jay Zimmerman who's been farming for 34 years.

This year will be his last wheat harvest on the farm. He is retiring but says he is determined to get his wheat cut before several days of rain roll through Kansas.

"So far we have had a really good day, we have been really blessed with this harvest, it's better than what we originally thought, the weather was really dry coming into April and May," says Jill Zimmerman.

The Zimmermans say their wheat is actually 6-8 inches too short for the dry winter. A drought monitor shows several areas of Kansas are still in extreme drought.

Zimmerman says a cold spring had them worried about freeze damage.

""Rain makes grain you know whether we are talking about our fall crops or wheat you know ...wheat does seem to have about 10 lives. if you will, we joke about it and this crop certainly had it's challenges."

While this family thinks they can get it all finished before the rain, they will be happy to see it anyway.

"We will take the rain and we probably could use a break haha."