Kansas man creates Facebook group to connect farmers with consumers

Photo courtesy USDA/MGN.  Generic shot of cattle being cattle.
Photo courtesy USDA/MGN. Generic shot of cattle being cattle.(KKTV)
Published: May. 7, 2020 at 9:32 PM CDT
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Amid warnings of meat shortages across the U.S, a Kansas man figured out a way to help. Rick McNary isn't a farmer, but he found a way to connect thousands across the state with a common theme... food.

"Farmers are the ones that feed us and they have the solutions and the most powerful thing that farmers do, is build community," said McNary.

He started a Facebook group called Shop Kansas Farms.

"It was just an idea, and in the first seven days, 4,580 people joined and I just kept watching people join. This is perfect timing in our culture where people are looking for a different type of supply chain."

In the group, farmers and ranchers can share what they grow and raise. Consumers can connect and reach out to get what they need to feed their families.

"The idea of helping each other in times of need is what they do. It's not unusual, and that they can help others in this time, is tremendously important, and I also think what we are seeing now is key to rural revitalization."

There are already more than 7,000 members asking for things like beef, vegetables and poultry. Many producers are even offering delivery.

"The farming community is, by its nature, very hopeful. In order to plant a seed in the ground, you have to have hope and faith, and they come together to help each other out," said McNary.

To find the group, type in Shop Kansas Farms on Facebook and ask to join the group.