Kansas farmers discuss rain impact during wheat harvest

Published: Jun. 24, 2018 at 8:38 PM CDT
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After months of drought, Kansas farmers are finally getting much needed rain now that harvest season is here.

The rain is exactly what farmers prayed for but it comes later than they hoped.

"Conditions that we had and as dry as it’s been this winter you really don’t want to wish the rain away, so right now while sometimes it’s untimely, we really don’t ever discourage the rain," says Jill Zimmerman.

The rain helps grow soybeans, milo and corn ready to harvest in Fall.

In south central Kansas, farmers already harvested most of their wheat.

Out west, the wheat is shorter and thinner, and the rainy conditions cause weeds.

"Last week I was up near Hays in that Stockton/Woodson area, they’re having a hard time. About every day you get going, and they’re getting some rain delays in there."

The farmers in that area face different challenges.

"North of I-70, those guys are in a whole different ballpark. The wheat’s thin. The wheat’s short, and so this rain is while it’s beneficial for their fall crops, they’re also have some challenges with getting the bushels out right now."

Zimmerman says the wheat field has been much better than farmers originally predicted after a dry season.