Sumner County farmer shows storms' impact on crops

Published: Jun. 26, 2019 at 8:20 AM CDT
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With all of the recent storms, some farmers are seeing an impact to their harvest schedules.

Normally this time of year, Max Tjaden would be cutting his wheat crop but it's not in the best shape.

"I'm down about 25 percent on what I was planning on harvesting this time a year ago," Tjaden said. "The weather is really a threatening thing when your crops out there and you're ready to harvest."

Tjaden says he has his crop insurance so he'll recover the money he could lose but he's not the only one affected by not harvesting.

"A lot of the people who's business relies on what we do are kind of suffering to because they are not being able to sell stuff because we don't need it. You know I don't need any seed because I'm not gonna be able to plant this or whatever so you know this kind of a snowball effect. It affects a lot more than just producers," Tjaden said.

Tjaden says even though he lost half of his wheat field to the storms this year, he's excited about what the rain has done for his corn crop.

"What's out there really looks tremendous right now and it's just getting ready to tassel and there's a lot of good sub soil moisture," Tjaden said.

He hopes the other half of his wheat field that's left, he can cut- if the rain can stop.

"Everybody would love that a couple of dry weeks and they can probably get everything done that they needed to, I know I could," Tjaden said.